aquatic friends display

repurposed artwork components function as a 3D collage, renovating my studio's organizational parts into an underwater scene.


Dog Cannoli Costume


The Little Furmaid

The Little Furmaid is a costume collaboration with Jordan Liptak. I designed, fabricated, painted, and ruffled the swaying foam structure and mechanism in the tail as well as the barnacled starfish that can be worn as pins or used as props. Jordan meticulously patterned, crafted and sewed the shimmering scaled costume.


Jane Doe and the clairvoyant undertaker shrew

The Clairvoyant Undertaker Shrew began as a challenge to create an anthropomorphic character design and she quickly became very dear to me. She will be the star of an animation coming soon.


Whale Spirit Lantern tunnel display

An unsettling illuminated tunnel-style display exploring whaling history and consumerism in a fantasy/historical context. Prompted from the beachings of multiple whales in my area, the local history of whaling, and an observation of the similarities between slowed-down opera and the whale song, this piece seeks to explore the relationship between colonialism & American consumerism, ghost as metaphor for being haunted by the past, and the exploitation of wildlife.


Prohibition tunnel book

This tunnel book is a wordless sequential narrative. Each layer takes the viewer through another stage of Prohibition, from Rum Row to organized crime, to smuggling, to the Speakeasy at the end.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 2.00.38 PM.png

White Snake Projects + Big Nazo

In collaboration with White Snake Projects & Big Nazo, I worked on a team of art students to design and fabricate masks and mechanical puppets out of innovative materials for Cerise Lim Jacobs' upcoming puppet opera "Monkey: Journey to the West." Despite the coronavirus limiting our access to materials and to physical collaboration, the team was able to come together to make stunning demons!

White Snake Site

The mask (in progress) in motion

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 1.56.10 PM.png

TEN31 Productions

Promotional materials & props made for TEN31 Productions' Halloween immersive theater event "Underland"


Pumpkin glows!

Video Coming Soon!